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About Jody

Jody is an award winning educator and has proven herself as a thought leader and disrupter in the ed tech space. Having served as a teacher, team leader, evaluator, assessment designer and coordinator, curriculum designer, advocate, author, and researcher in education Jody has a unique depth of understanding in systems of learning. Public and private schools and organizations engage Dr. Britten to support curriculum development, critical thinking/collaboration/creativity, learning environments, systemic change, assessment, equity, and accessibility. Jody has contributed to the implementation and thoughtful pursuit of 21st Century skills and digital learning in countless classrooms and contributed to the development of educational systems that positively impact student engagement. Having trained school educational leaders and teachers on six continents, Jody’s work continues to be grounded in research and implementation science. With her Metiri colleagues Jody coauthored the Future Ready Schools framework and the Future Ready assessment system that is in use by more than 3,000 U.S. school districts. Jody demonstrates a uniquely rich knowledge base of the research behind effective teaching and learning in the 21st Century, and the capacity to help activate that research in classrooms. Dr. Britten is recognized as a national thought leader in digital learning. Jody is capable of understanding complex systems and building new approaches that utilize local strengths and help every part of an organization move towards achieving their unique goals and vision. Jody has coauthored several frameworks, including one for developing entrepreneurial skills in all students for the National Science Foundation. Jody supports start-ups, private sectors companies, states, districts, schools, universities, and non-profits as they establish their individual goals and ultimately their pathway for success in achieving dynamic, meaningful, purposeful actions that empower students for success. Jody has written books, articles, chapters focused on digital learning, systems change, and 21st Century skills. Dr. Britten has also published white papers, visions, and improvement plans for organizations, companies, ministries of education, states, districts, and schools. She has developed coaching programs for innovation, digital learning, and instructional change for multiple states. Jody continues to work nationally and internationally on redesigning educational experiences that meet the needs of our dynamic, creative, amazing learners. She strives to help all educators see the potential in progress, allowing all students to engage in purposeful work ignited by student agency. See a sample of the clients Jody has supported in the education sector.

Driven by commitment

Anyone who works with Jody knows that there is one core anchor; we are driven by a shared commitment to creating the communities that we want to achieve for our kids and their future.