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I have been fortunate to lead my own projects, consult on one-off ideas, and serve as a long-term thought partner. There have been a few constants throughout my work (regardless of partner): I use data to drive decision, I have amazing instincts and share those insights willingly, I pay attention to what is ahead (some call me an ed-futurist because so much of what I personally work on is 5-10 years ahead of the game, and I maintain privacy. Some people shout out who they support, this work isn’t about bolstering my name and brand. Rather it is about supporting you and watching you shine (that last part is what I do what I do).

I have evaluated projects from nearly all programs under the National Science Foundation, Directorate of STEM education. I have also evaluated projects for the U.S. Department of Education, and several private foundations. In all, I have helped to support the work of over 35 federally funded grants, all of which amass a national contribution to innovation in education with more than 50 million dollars in grant funding.

I have provided strategic advising to organizations, start ups, free lancers, graduate students, leaders, and more. These include organizations like Microsoft, Intel, Idaho STEM Education Consortium, Utah State Department of Education, New Jersey State Department of Education, Michigan Association for Computers for Learning, Michigan State Department of Education, All for Ed, CAST, Center for Research on Learning, Center for Innovation, Design, and Digital Learning, International Society for Technology in Education, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, SAAS developers serving education, Woken, Etch, Amplify Education, California Education Technology Fund, Digital Promise, Edgemaker, Gates Foundation, KinderCare Education, and more.